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Shay's H&B Oils

Hot Oil Treatment 2 fl.oz. (59)ml

Hot Oil Treatment 2 fl.oz. (59)ml

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 Olive oil,

Neem oil,

Mehandi oil,

Amla oil,

Triphala oil,

Lemon essential oil,

Jamaican black castor oil,

And Sea Moss


How to warm up oil

Place the bottle into hot water,

 let it warm up about 3minutes.

Test the oil onto your arm

To make sure it's warm.

To prevent from burning.

Test patch to make sure no

 allergies related.


Purpose for hair:

Use once a week. Or as needed

First you will wash your hair, Next add oil to your hair. 

Cover your hair with a shower cap. 

On top of the shower cap place a heating cap over it. Let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour. 

. Then Rinse your hair with conditioner.


A hot oil treatment helps to nourish dry,

 frizzy, and chemically damaged hair,

 which breaks easily or has split ends.

When applied, the hot oil seals 

the hair cuticle, thereby moisturizing it, 

and making it stronger, so there is less breakage.

great for stimulating blood flow as well 

helping your hair to grow.

Whether you are suffering from dry scalp,

 dandruff, moisture loss or frizz.




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