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Shay's H&B Oils

Aloe vera hair oil 2fl.oz.(59)ml

Aloe vera hair oil 2fl.oz.(59)ml

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Aloe vera leaf,

Aloe vera gel,

Peppermint leaf,

Peppermint oil,

Ginger oil,

Olive oil,

Avocado oil,

Grape seed oil,

Black seed oil,

Castor oil,

Hemp oil,

Tea tree oil,

Sunflower oil,


Vitamin e,

Chebe poweder,

Essential oils,

Natural preservatives


 Twice a day or 2-3 days out the week.

 Massage oil into the scalp of the hair

 for about 1 minute.

 Apply oil onto the end of the hair.

 Purpose hair- Use on wet or damp hair and scalp

 a little goes a long ways

  helps conditioner scalp,

 Itchiness, dandruff, hair breakage, split ends,

  And other conditions of the hair.

 Promotes hair growth.* Shake before Use*



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