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Shay's H&B Oils

Aloe - Flax gel Net Wt.16oz (453g)(family size) (lavender scent)

Aloe - Flax gel Net Wt.16oz (453g)(family size) (lavender scent)

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Aloe vera leaf gel,

Aloe vera juice,

Flaxseed gel,

Purified water,

Xanthan gum powder,

Natural preservative,

And Rosemary essential oil.

 Use on hair-

Apply onto the hair while wet,

Or can be used on dry hair.

Store in a cool draw place or refrigerator.

It has natural preservative.

Helps with curls/ waves definitions, twisties, twist out, braid outs, 

Ponytails or ponytail

And wet in go look.

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